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madison. parish's being held without bail. >>> covering the world, president obama is in singapore for the annual asian-pacific economic summit. in a series of meetings, the president is having to focus on nuclear issues and global cooperation, but he cannot seem to avoid questions about american troops escalations in afghanistan. >> in singapore, at the asia- pacific economic cooperation summit, president obama joined other world leaders. he posed for the obligatory class photo. he and secretary of state hillary clinton are in asia to address the daunting challenges in the global economy and trade and the new threats from north carroll -- the nuclear threats from north korea and iran. president obama kicked off the tour with a stop in japan, where the hawaiian-born leader declared himself a first pacific president. >> the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships. of them he met with the royal family of japan and reached out to top business leaders, promising a new era of cooperation. after a stop in china, he is headed to south korea, where demons
toward a vote on health care reform bill. president obama was on capitol hill to try to press democrats for votes and party leaders appear confident it will pass. but not one republican is expected to vote in favor of the bill. >> hours before the critical vote on health care reform bill, president obama went to capitol hill to lobby democrats on the legislation. >> this is our moment to live up to the trust that the american people have placed in us. even when it is hard. especially when it is hard. them outside of the capitol, republicans rallied against the bill. the fireworks began before the debate even started. >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent -- am i object, i object. >> there is no request before the house yet. >> both sides reached out to be pivotal consumer minded blue dog democrats who have been wavering. >> weighing in at nearly 20 pounds, that is nearly $530 million of spending per page. >> most of all, don't tax me for paying for health care that you want. if you want it, pay for yourself. >> democrats call it an historic opportunity. >> history wal-mart which side
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2